Enzo Schiavello

Ruoli: Senior Partner, Partner
Ufficio: Milano
Lingue: Francese, Inglese, Italiano

Enzo Schiavello ha un background nei settori corporate ed M&A. Si occupa in particolare di strutturazione e costituzione di schemi di investimento alternativi per clienti italiani e stranieri, con particolare riguardo ai fondi di private equity ed immobiliari. La sua assistenza comprende, tra l’altro, la costituzione e ristrutturazione di gestori autorizzati e la costituzione di strutture societarie e contrattuali in Italia e in altre giurisdizioni comunitarie, tra cui fondi di fondi, fondi di co-investimento, fondi infrastrutturali, fondi NPL, SICAF, prodotti strutturati che offrono un’esposizione finanziaria al private equity quale attivo sottostante, nonché accordi vari per la distribuzione del carried interest tra manager. Assiste inoltre i clienti anche con riguardo alle ristrutturazioni di fondi ed altre operazioni GP-led.

Enzo è membro di AIFI – Associazione Italiana del Private Equity, Venture Capital e Private Debt – e dell’Invest Europe Legal & Regulatory Committee.

Enzo è classificato in Band 1 nel settore “Private Equity: Fund Formation” da Chambers and Partners, che lo menziona come segue: “Enzo delivers excellent quality. He is very precise, very detailed and very knowledgeable“, “he remains one of the best funds lawyer in Italy” e “he brings unparalleled knowledge of the market, any time we need advice on funds or regulatory matters” (2024), “Enzo Schiavello’s commercial know-how enables the client to have a clear vision of the deal“, “he is a prepared and a sophisticated lawyer” e “Enzo is recognised as one of the best in this space. He is able to deal with domestic and international firms” (2023), “he provides strong support in all phases of fundraising. He is very clever and well known in the industry” (2022), “the most experienced person” (2020), “he is the greatest authority in fund formation, he knows the international markets very well” (2019), “he is a lawyer whose experience is unique in the Italian market”, “he has extensive knowledge of private equity law” (2018), “accurate and precise” (2017), “a towering figure in the Italian fund formation arena” (2015), “a top-notch lawyer for fund structuring mandates in Italy” (2014), apprezzato per “his work in fund formation and commended for his in-depth knowledge of regulatory matters” (2013), “he instils confidence thanks to his very reasonable advice” (2012) ed è riconosciuto per “his strong economic background which enables him to understand any financial issue and successfully find a solution” (2011).

Enzo è anche classificato nella Hall of Fame per il settore Investment Funds da The Legal 500 ed è menzionato come segue: ““Enzo has very strong knowledge of the industry” (2024), “Enzo is a pioneer in the Italian funds industry” e “he is probably the go-to lawyer for the funds industry in Italy, with longstanding experience – he is someone who has seen it all and knows the regulations and approach of the regulators inside out” (2023), “is a very valid person professionally and a great connoisseur of the technicalities of investment funds”, “I have collaborated with Enzo Schiavello and Barbara Sancisi, both highly professional professionals. I appreciated their in-depth analysis of the documents, experience in dealing with complex and non-standard structures, and management of negotiations with the counterparty” (2022), “The firm is at the top of this sector in Italy, particularly because of the longstanding expertise of Enzo Schiavello and his team”, “Enzo Schiavello has over 20 years’ fund formation experience, which certainly distinguishes Legance in this area”, “Enzo Schiavello has the technical skills to assist managers in all stages of setting up and placing alternative funds. His skills also extend to in-depth knowledge of the Italian and foreign institutional investment landscape, negotiation techniques, management regulations and side letters” (2021). Inoltre Enzo è menzionato nella categoria “Leading” della classifica stilata da Leaders League per il settore Fund Formation.

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